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Note: Firmware updates are only available for the iLevil Series. AHRS-G-mini series does not support firmware upgrades


iLevil 3

Firmware 0x1E (3.0): First firmware version for iLevil3 BETA
- Fixed Xplane log
Firmware 0x1F (3.1): BETA
- Fixed No recording option for GPS certified
- Added possibility to compile as iLevil2 iLevil3 or iLevil 20 (Aeroglass)
- Changed theMSLAltitude from s16 to s32 to allow altitudes graster than 30,000ft
Firmware 0x20 (3.2) :First production firmware
- Fixed compatibility with multiple SD cards
Firmware 0x21 (3.3)
- Included $RAIM message for NMEA output to Mode-ES transponders when using certified GPS option
Firmware 0x22 (3.4)
- Fixed buf on GPS NMEA output on serial port when using certified GPS
- Added capability to extract SD data files wirelessly

iLevil 2

 Firmware 0x2F (4.7) August, 2015
- Fixed bug with Engine analyzer
- Improved Trutrak AP - Xavion integration
Firmware 0x30 (4.2) 
- Fixed error with Xavion sending Autopilot commands.
Firmware 0x29 (4.1) April 22, 2015
- Fixed ForeFlight Altitude report 
- Fixed GPS Status report to match Specs in document 2.4

iLevil 1

Firmware 0x23 (3.5) August 10,2015
- Trutrak Xavion tuning
- Fixed buf introduced in V3.1 for GRT Engine display.
?- WAAS enhancement
Firmware 0x20 (3.2) May 5, 2015
- Adds support for TruTrak Autopilot interface
- Supports 5Hz output (optional) when using AutoPilot Interface
- Enabled WAAS status, GPS Satellite count, GPS power signal
?- Enabled GPS approximation function when GPS data is corrupted or missing
- MSL altitude is now reported, in addition to the default Ellipsoid Altitude 
- Adds support for FLARM devices
- Fixes error when using latest Xavion build
?Firmware 0x1C (2.8) April 11, 2014
- Supports ON/OFF operation on iLevil SW and Sport with external power (5V) through the audio jack. This is only for iLevil Model-20-SW and Model-20-Sport only.
Firmware 0x1B (2.7) March 20, 2014 - changed WiFi parameters to make it compatible with new iOS7. Updating the firmware will not fix the "spinning wheel" behavior on iOS WiFi connection for your device. Only devices shipped with this firmware will not have that problem. If you'd like to fix the "spinning wheel" issue, contact us. 
Firmware 0x1A (2.6)
- added AHRS power control through microprocessor on iLevil-SW Serial#1350 and up
Firmware 0x19 (2.5)
- Autopilot support: Output NMEA GPS data on serial port and relay Waypoint messages from EFB App through the serial port.
Firmware 0x18 (2.4):
-Supports USART3 to have baudrates other than 230400 on iLevil AW
Firmware 0x17 (2.3): -Supports manual ON/OFF operations of GPS and other systems using Microprocessor.
Firmware 0x15 (2.1): - Fixes GPS dropout when Auxiliary port connected to external hardware. Function adjusted (GPS_RESET)
Firmware 0x14 (2.0): - Support for external ADS-B source, NAvworx ADS600-B on auxiliary serial port - Added auxiliary port configuration type to status message
Firmware 0x13 (1.9): - AUX port output enabled even when it is configured to other than default - Added memory for USB_OUTPUT parameter(14). USB stream enabled when memory set to 1. 
Firmware 0x12 (1.8): -Added Engine Information support (GRT EIS4000/6000 and Advanced Flight Systems)
Firmware 0x0E (1.5): - Access point is now the default configuration for WiFi transmission (Android compatibility)
Firmware 0x0B (1.1)
 -Introduces compatibility with Zaon XRX and M1090. 

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