BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module)

​Levil Aviation is excited to announce the BOM (Broadcasting Outer Module). This revolutionary solution allows you to have a complete instrument panel without putting a single wire! The BOM is the first and only aerodynamic pod that mounts under the wing of the aircraft and uses wind to power itself. All components are incorporated into the BOM, AHRS, ADS-B, GPS, AOA and Pressure sensors, making it a fully independent, wireless and the perfect platform for innovation, setting the stage for the future of aviation.

Patented and NORSEE approved for installation on certified aircraft.

        What makes the BOM special?

  • Automatically Powered on/off with the vibration of the engine.
  • Self-powered and self-charging.
  • High performance AHRS and solid state technology.
  • Wireless platform offering iOS/Android compatibility.
  • Heated Pitot Static

made in USA