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At Levil Aviation, we design and manufacture aviation-grade AHRS systems with low profile and amazing accuracy that can be customized to your design needs. Our G-micro technology is being used in a wide range of applications and is perfect for embedding purposes. If you are looking for a plug-in module that works, we have have the solution.

The brand new iLevil3 has arrived!



Weather, Traffic, Backup Attitude Indicator, GPS Navigation, Data Recording and much more at your fingertips!​

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From Light Sport and Experimental to General Aviation, Levil Aviation offers products to satisfy the needs of every pilot from beginner to the most experienced. 

Our iLevil Series, features ADS-B integration to monitor in-flight weather and traffic, AHRS to always know your where your horizon is, GPS to know where you are, and now we introduce Data recording to give you the ability to re-play your flight.

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